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Additional Policies and FAQs

Care instructions for your Jiri Kalina cooking utensils and cutting boards:

Wash by hand in warm water with a mild soap. Do not scrub with aggressive pads or steel wool (Brillo pads). Dry thoroughly. Wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, however from time to time we recommend that you wipe your utensils with a liberal coat of pure white vinegar for disinfection.

Should you feel that your product has lost some of its luster, following the cleaning instructions above, the after the product has dried completely , you can rub the surface, following the grain of the wood, using 320 grit or fine sandpaper. The apply a light coat of Jiri Kalina Beeswax Polish over the entire surface of the wood surface. After allowing the wax to dry on the surface for several minutes wipe it away with a clean cloth and buff to shine.